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Hello, I’m Andrew, a designer/inventor and former professional golfer. I created the MaxSwingSpeed Trainer after numerous injuries did two things, first, they ended my professional career and second, they massively reduced my clubhead speed.

I couldn’t do anything about playing professionally full time again but I thought I could fix my swing issues and at least get back to playing and enjoying the game like I once did. After researching and trying a few products on the market I felt I could come up with something better.

I spent over a year working on prototypes, finding manufacturers and testing the final design before I was able to introduce the MaxSwingSpeed Trainer to the golfing world.

Golf and design are passions for me and being able to combine them into something unique that I truly feel will help all golfers play better, swing faster and enjoy the game more has been an amazing journey. One that I look forward to continuing for as long as possible.

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