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Max Swing Speed Trainer

Max Swing Speed Trainer


Maximize Your Speed

Increase speed and distance in as little as 2 weeks with the Max Swing Speed Trainer. Our unique and progressive weight design builds strength and consistency. A one size fits all design that adjusts easily for all golfers; men, women and juniors.


- 5 aluminum interlocking 50 gram weights

- Steel shaft

- High traction rubber grip

- Micro fiber headcover



  • Additional Information

    - 5 aluminum weights - 50 grams each. Trainer adjusts from 210 grams to 410 grams

    - Standard high traction black rubber grip

    - Length - 40” to 42.5” as weights are added

    - Package Includes – micro fiber headcover, steel shaft (105 grams), grip (50 grams), fixed 50 gram weight with shaft adaptor (55 grams), 4 removable weights (50 grams each)

    - Parts made in China. Assembled in the USA

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